Patent Push-in value:Easy operation, anitclockwise turn and
pull to open, push to close and close and clockwise turn to lock.
*Two sizes available


Standard : 20kgs/m3
Light : 16kgs/m3
Ultra Light : 12kgs/m3

Foam structure(Process)

Solid : Best insulation, good support and quick inflation
Hollow : 15% lighter weight and compact (vertical holes)
Cored : 10% lightweight and good insulation (horizontal holes)
Ultralight : Most lightweight and compact
(vertical+horizontal holes)
Warmzone : Better insulation, compact and light weight
(vertical+horizontal;torso only horizontal holes)
Wave : comfortable

Weight:Solid > Waved > Cored > Hollow > Warm zone > Ultralght

Solid Cored Hollow Ultra Light Waved

Lot # for quality tracking



Slik Screen print : one color logo and durable
Heat transfer label : Colorful logo

Initial use : Due to all mattresses were compressed by machine and storage for
long period, it's necessary to help inflating mat for initial use.

Warning : Storage in Dry condition humidity and mildew will damage material and cause
leaking. Keep away from flame and sharp object when using.
Leaving mat inside tent during daytime or expose under sunshine, please keep value
open to prevent high temperature and pressure and pressure increasing damage materials.
Do not using mat as flotation device and not for ocean sports and swimming pool.

Warranty : We 100% warrant our products for 2 years from ex-factory date under normal using and without
any artificial destruction or inappropriate storage. Due to all materials are environmental friendly
materials, incorrect storage and usage will shorter lifetime of the products.


Fabric type :
All in Polyester
20D (light weight)
30D Ripstop (light weight)
50D Ripstop
75D Plain (standard)
75D Embossed / Print (available pattern:diamond embossed,
honeycomb embossed, plaid embossed, Map print)
75D Brushed / Micro Brushed (nicer touch)
150D Plain (durable)
50D Stretch (comfortable)
75D Silicon print (Non-slip)
30D Non-slip
Silicon print